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Wolf Jack Black at Wolverhampton

It’s a long time, since I have had a glass of cold beer down the back of my neck, but my sojourn on the floor of the Wolverhampton Civic Centre last night, in the presence of Tenacious D reminded me of my days (actually there were only a few of them) in the mosh pit. Whilst I may not have been the oldest person on the floor, I was probably the oldest woman.

The Fenix at Wolverhampton

Possibly the only woman of my age that night to brave a series of jokes about penises and a set that featured a giant penis, sorry phoenix (Fenix as the song says – go phonetics!) There were a fair few middle aged men on the floor, a good set of young couples and a fair smattering of the adolescent and recently adolescent male. They were all feeding their inner child on the mentality of a teenage boy combined with the talent of a rock baritone and some rude tube humour, as for me, I was along for the ride, and it was fun, although there were moments when I sort of had hankering for Don Draper.

That aside it was a kind of divided audience, quite difficult for the great D to manage. There is a strong fan base and every song, every lyric was belted out by those fans, it would have been good to hear, maybe one song, that was not sung like an old fashioned sing along from a kind of raunchy Good Old Days  – remember that? That shows my age because I bet almost nobody there remembers it.  Along with the yoof is the fraternity of young men still young enough to feel rebellious at the repeated references to the rude in the perhaps false idea  that Jack Black and Kyle Gass are one of the gang – despite the fact that both are old enough to be their parents and then some (Black is 43 and Gass 52). Then there was the older fraternity (more the age of the artists) and a set of interested girls and couples who were curious to see the Hollywood actor a little more up close and personal.

And maybe there’s the rub (if that isn’t innuendo) despite the heavy use of taboo words, the use of explicit images and the vocal acrobatics of Jack Black, there is a sense that the indie is overwhelmed by the Hollywood, the latest album features the Ballad of Hollywood Jack, which features digs at appearances on Jay Leno and the sense of sell out. The Tenacious D Tour seems like a chance for a true performer to get back to just that performance, before no doubt getting back to the set in Hollywood – for a new voice over or another rocking comedy which is what IMDB seems to have in store for Black.

Still I remember Jack Black as Bert (Zero) in an XFiles (D.P.O) starring himself and Giovanni Ribisi a pairng that the moment I saw it hinted at two performers with much more to offer, and whilst I did have a hankering for Don Draper – Jack Black’s self help hints on love-making for the “ladies” could teach the great Don Draper a thing or two about consideration!

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