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Listen with Dostoyevsky

As an addition to Going Local, I did a reading and an interview on the local community station Corinium Radio. Here is that interview, listen to the extracts and interview here. Enjoy.



PowerPoint to Podcast

How to Podcast your PowerPoint

There are whole cohorts of people out there that are better than I am at IT. I struggle on in my own little world of wannadu for not very much money. I work in education, where there is limited money for training, not much for software and even less for hardware. Added to that, there is substantial resistance to the use of IT in the classroom.  Staff feel embattled by the constant insistence that they must make everything electronic. They rarely have the time to learn new skills, and what they do learn, often has to be applied to administrative and tracking procedures, which of course really make them feel inclined to experiment with a little forum or Hot Potatoes quiz.

All that being true, it is part of my job, apart from having to teach, mark, console and track, to try and find ways for the staff in my institution to use IT in their lessons. I also wanted to find a way of doing it that would use what staff know already, without having to learn too much that’s new. Unfortunately that is almost impossible, but I thought I would give it a shot with PowerPoint. Yes, I know, the dreaded PowerPoint. “Should we?” I hear you cry, “Should we really encourage staff to continue producing PowerPoints that are little better than chalk and talk and often a lot worse?” Agreed, but then chalk and talk has done its job for decades, and its successor is probably not going to go away for a bit. Hence, since most staff seem to have the hang of PowerPoint, how about a little sound or even a way to podcast it, a little ppt movie maybe?

I must admit when I started on this project, I thought this would be easy, and maybe the IT mega-wizards out there will give me a much better way to do this. I do know about some of the methods, things like slide share, options on the web, or options like GarageBand, that require a little knowledge of the basics.  But I also know that staff don’t download, don’t understand new software, don’t want to use IT, and don’t enjoy learning more packages, even when it is straightforward. Maybe they should, but that’s another story.

Anyway podcasting ppt is not that easy, and I still ended up having to import it into Keynote (the old Mac avenger) to export it with sound files. Ppt made silent movies. Keynote did necessitate a bit of fiddling with the timings. I must say it does bother me that the powers that be who invent this stuff, have not addressed, in a simple and effective fashion, the ability to export ppt to Quicktime. I suspect the geeks regard the ppt as women’s work and therefore not worth  the bother, or is it really that hard to do? Even then to get the thing to play from Youtube I had to import the Quicktime into Garage Band and export as m4v sooo…. uploaded here is a vodcast on how to podcast a ppt. I bet I’ve missed something, I bet it is not as easy as I think, but it might work for some who want to have a go. There’s the podcast and a pdf of slides and notes. Give it a go.