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The Challenge

A while ago my husband challenged me to write a sci-fi story! Now he didn’t do this because I am wedded to chick-lit and can’t look a vampire in the teeth. Anyone who has read my blog will know of my fondness for space travel, space peril and anything a little zombified or on a motorbike – and that’s just education! The thing is, round the morning wake up coffee on a leisurely saturday morning we had an idea, as you do, and I sort of said ‘well perhaps I’ll write it’ and he said ‘go on then’ and I said ‘I will’ and that… ‘I know you are but what am I?’ conversation developed into a little eBook on Amazon.goldcover

GOLD is the story of a small asteroid that passes near earth. A few pieces break off and strike the planet – they are solid gold. Alfie Willis, a young female astronomer, sets out to find the strike sites and the price of gold begins to plummet. Drone strikes, murder and a chase across the world ensue as Alfie, an Australian family, a Pakistani community, and a conspiracy of interests all get tangled up in a race to find the pot of gold, examine its properties and exploit its treasure.

I even gave my character, Alfie Willis a little Twitter feed and a Tumblr