Me and the wilderness

Many years ago, I lived in Tanzania, close to the time that it changed from Tanganyika to Tanzania, and the places I visited such as the Ngorongoro Crater did not seem empty then, but when I went back as far as Kenya in 1985, there was much less than I remembered. Perhaps it’s like the maize that grew high above my head when I was little and seemed so huge then

Me in the maize, me small, it tall!

and now barely makes a maze for me now; or perhaps it is true that there is much less than there was, and if that was true then how about now? Anyway being an incurable writer, I wrote a novel, a political thriller, which, like the one before it, nearly got published, and like the one that has come after it I have decided to indulge in self publishing, well blogging. The page Novel is precisely that, chapter by chapter I will rework it and put it up there, but just so’s yer know, while most stuff on here is licensed under Creative Commons, An Empty Wilderness is © All rights reserved by, yours truly, Judith Gunn, read it, by all means, comment by all means, but publishers pay for it (ha ha!) so as you were – ENJOY!


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