I am an author, and speaker, my books can be found on Amazon, they include biographies, co-writes, one novel and film education (the film education is also published by Columbia University Press).

I started my career working for BBC Radio 1, I’m told I worked there during its golden age (the 1980s)! I also worked for all the radio networks: researching and producing Radio 4 documentaries and dabbling in a little drama! I went on to work for the Radio Times and went on to publish and teach.

I have given lectures on TV, film and culture at schools, universities and festivals. I am now a full time writer working in the categories of education, biography and fiction.

If you want to see a little more click on the presentation for a picture version!

This blog is about media it showcases my fiction and links to a more specific blog about education www.myflippingclassroom.com


Film theory
Media theory

3 responses to “About

  1. It’s amazing what new things you can find out on the internet about people who live in your backyard (virtually anyway).
    What a talented family!



  2. Well there’s virtually and “virtually” !


  3. names are tags all humans carry…there are names that poke fun at the bearers and some can choke them too. Listen to this short story by Judith Gunn, she talks about Hastag peace and about shooting and her name is Gunn? She also wrote a book about a Gavin Hood who made an award winning movie about violence in the hood (yes you got it Tsoti, 2005).
    If you have a ten minutes to listen to how a well structured short story starts like reality and ends on a twisted note of fantasy. Here is the link, enjoy it and please forget to thank me later or what are friends for?


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