How To Teach A Dull Lesson

5 Tops Tips On How To Make Your Lessons Dull

1. Go To An Inset Training Day

This is a day run by the exam board that will tell you what to teach students to that they can pass the exam. The exam board has been told by government organisations what should go in the exam. The board will also tell you what terminology they will expect in the essays, the way in which the topic will be covered and they will tell you what not to teach because it’s not relevant to the exam.

2. Plan Your Lesson

Plan it down to the minute make sure you have your clear objectives set out at the beginning. Make sure that you remind students how you have met those objectives at the end of the lesson. Include an activity for them to do, some independent reading, some writing, perhaps, make sure you have an extension task ready.

3. Deliver Your Lesson

There is a danger here that your well planned lesson will prove to be interesting and dynamic. After all, you know and love your subject, you have some good resources, perhaps an online presentation you have made, some lively handouts and a nice discussion exercise for them to complete. You are enthusiastic about your subject and you know it well, so there is a serious danger of good and interesting delivery. However this is easy to cure – simply ask the students to read a passage and write some notes on it, perhaps in pairs, so that they can feed back in plenary. Any attempt to get them to contribute is regarded by them as you attempting to get out of your obligation to teach them, and thus they grow restless and disinterested because you’re not telling them what to do. If the lesson is still not dull, then ask them to stop texting on their mobile phones, and if that doesn’t work then show them a clip from a relevant TV programme. Preferably use a clip that showcases someone with knighthood for their services to their industry, mankind whatever they’re brilliant at, and then ask the students to comment. The students will happily announce that said clip is perpetuated and broadcast by an idiot who is also boring and dull. That should do it.

4. Set Them Homework

In particular set them homework that requires them to do independent research, and most particularly in the conduct of that research ban Wikipedia. Ask for one side of appropriate prose and set a deadline a week hence.

5. Ofsted

Now you are ready for inspection, just settle the inspector at the back of the class and allow him or her to discuss the nature of your lessons with the students,  and you should have completed your course on how to teach a dull lesson!

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2 responses to “How To Teach A Dull Lesson

  1. Nice one! Sad smiles though…

    Don’t know whether you’ve clocked the stuff my missus is doing here: The Tinderbox – Kindling for your Curriculum yet?




  2. Will check it out – thanks


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