Connection Fast

YEP, that’s what I said, “connection fast” not “fast connection” – yesterday I went through an enforced abstinence from the internet, interweb or/and the vast world out there on the virtual planet. No shared pictures, no news feed, no looking up whoever the hell that was in the afternoon movie, where did he live? When did he die and yikes! That was his spouse? Nope, I was flung back to the 1980s, only the telly (“television” – according to Jon Stewart – check out him and John Oliver on the cross cultural political debate – at least for the next few days, after that, those of us in the UK – CAN’T SEE IT!! because… well because “the man” says so)- anyway, only the telly, a book, and the garden to fall back on. I did have Tetris on the iphone,  but no signal, our mobile (cell – US translation) phone, is merely decorative in our home, if there is no wifi, because there’s no frakin signal either! Anyway, as a consequence of this enforced abstinence – did I rediscover the benefits of a signal free landscape just as many people bathed in the silence of the flight free skies last week, did I wallow in the virtual silence in the same way, with no screen to gaze at, only the fabulous view from our home? Nah! Did I frak!

I confess that in my neck of the woods there is a substantial “hands on” movement, a lot of green community action, allotments abound, open studios, fringe festivals, music and food. The Farmers’ Market is the best in the west, Saturday mornings are a blissful combination of good coffee, organic cooking and gossip with mates, but that don’t mean I ain’t wedded to mah tech!Winter Market

Let’s face it what houseproud soul (usually a woman) doesn’t love their washing machine, Hoover (Dyson) or their car? All labour saving devices that make the job easier just like the way Facebook puts pen pals a second away. None of that waiting six weeks for a letter to arrive, or trying to decide between air mail and service mail.

Watching the latest #leadersdebate, American style, this week, was a made both amusing and informative by the Twitterers, who commented on what was being said with knowledge and humour. I particularly liked Simon Pegg tweeting that Gordon Brown had just told an 84 year old lady, he was going to do something about pensions in 2016 -still something to aim for, for us all!

Aside from good social media, my edTech needs are increasingly dependent on broadband, or, at least, the quality of what I do is informed and improved by the sharers on Slideshare, other resource sites, blogs, and emails between colleagues. Yes, there is some rubbish out there, and I may well be part of it, but, I am glad to be back online!

2 responses to “Connection Fast

  1. I went cold-turkey once. For some reason I just couldn’t connect to the internet and the guy in the call centre I phoned up to help me reconnect me was baffled. He spent 45 minutes talking me through various processes on my computer that he believed would fix the problem. Nothing. In the end he said he’d go away and consult other colleagues. So, I sat down and read a book (old medja) but I had this nagging feeling all day that something was missing or that I was neglecting something. Like the twitching of some severed limb it drove me crazy, until eventually I had to concede that my mind and time has been thoroughly colonised by the internet. And as I sat and thought about this I began to really resent it and I wondered did anybody else suffer from it but I couldn’t get on-line to google ‘cyber-colonisation’.

    I got on-line again eventually. The guy in the call centre phoned back and suggested that I turn my computer off and on again. And whaddya know… it worked.


  2. Ha ha – yeah that old trick! We do rather take it all for granted – I sometimes wonder whether I should be committing everything to memory like they did in Farenheit 451!


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