Early Adopter

So anyway I’m sure if I’m not a particularly early adopter, but here I am sitting on my sofa watching old Sex And The City (the one where she has to give up smoking) and I am typing this on my new Acer Aspire One Netbook. I feel like Carrie typing my column to my eager readers – ho – ho – no it’s okay I know there’s no one out there, but like I say this is therapy. The keyboard is 89% the size of an ordinary keyboard and it does say in the guide to spend too long using it on the sofa – dream on- it’s perfect for wallpaper TV and blogging by the fire. It’s possible I will need glasses by the end of the year. The screen is small, but not too small, it doesn’t have a case but it looks sleek and I have the Linux version – I know something about all this but not much and I am now being distracted by the handsome men on the TV … okay I’m back. I’m sure in the land of computer geeks I am not an early adopter, but then there are some drawbacks to being an early adopter. The other day we were describing the efforts of the great Robert Falcon Scott, one of the grandest British failures around. The runner up in the rush to the South Pole, lost to Amundsen and his dogs. Scott and his team died 15 miles from base camp on the return journey – bummer (the one where Titus Oates says ‘I’m going out – I may be some time’- this statement is known in the land of English teaching as “litotes” the art of understatement – he died that night – they all died very soon after that. If Scott had lived now, no doubt he would have been a serious blogger, he kept a detailed diary – right up to the end. No regrets, apparently, not even the early adoption of those motorised sledges instead of the traditional dogs. It was those sledges and their inflexibility, plus taking the occasional wrong turn that doomed the trip. Whether his middle name ‘Falcon’ had anything to do with his son Peter becoming a great wildlife painter and founder of the bird sanctuary Slimbridge – is another blog.


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